For each of these services Rdapplications will provide a free of charge detailed assessment of your company needs.  We’ll then draft a customized offer well adapted to your needs and budget in order to conceive, prepare, and document a business model, a strategic or business plan or data and analysis that can address requirements of financing agencies.

Business modelling

Strategic analysis and planning

Business planning



Rdapplications specializes in managing SR&ED portfolios, financing research and development projects, educating about incentives proposed by Federal and Provincial Governments, helping companies to understand the multiple programs offered to corporations by different ministers in Canada, accompanying companies who want to benefit from these programs.

We’ve developed a deep expertise in financing SR&ED through the Tax Incentive Program offered by Federal and Provincial Governments to encourage Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development in Canada.
Administered by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) which delivers SR&ED tax incentives in a timely, consistent and predictable manner.

This program is one of the most generous SR&ED program in the world.  For a Canadian companies this incentive has a two fold benefit: deducting SR&ED expenses from income for tax purposes and provides an SR&ED Investment Tax Credit that can be used to reduce payable income tax.

To help your company benefit from this program Rdapplications will:

  • Educate you about the SR&ED Tax Credits Program both informally and formally through a presentation to your employees that are involved on the technological and financial side. Our presentations are always customized to your type of industry and/or to the type of your SR&ED projects. Aware that production companies are often very busy, Rdapplications consultants/partners our presentation will be commensurate to the timespan you can devolve to such presentations but without compromising the substance of the message.
  • Educate you about the terminology used by CRA to assess your SR&ED work (and if necessary about the scientific method that you need to follow to make your projects eligible to tax credits)
  • Identify your current SR&ED projects and costs associated
  • Assess their eligibility
  • Analyze your tracking and documenting behaviors of your SR&ED projects
  • Help you to organize and document data related to SR&ED projects in a way that can ease the process of claiming related Tax Credits and comply with Canada’s tax laws and CRA’s policies and procedures
  • Help you writing technical and financial reports related to SR&ED
  • Help you fill all the forms related to SR&ED Tax Credits claims
  • Guide you in the occurrence of a review/audit of CRA
  • Guide you and support you in case of concerns related to a claim (contacting CRA, asking for a second administrative review/audit)


The new approach adopted by CRA during the recent years to assess of SR&ED Tax Credits Claims is documents-based. CRA asks not only to fill the different forms (T661 for example) related to the claims but to maintain and prepare proper technical and financial documentation to supports the work and expenditures claimed.


In the case where your company is not familiar with this type of documentation Rdapplications will offer you free of charge:
• A document that presents an Overview of the SR&ED Tax Credits Program
• Documenting spreadsheets to timely document your SR&ED activities and associated costs with all information required by CRA
• A guide to fill these spreadsheets